A B O U T +  M Y   S T O R Y


My name is Alana,

I’m a lot like you. Here on a journey to self-express! 

I’ve discovered that finding self-expression through soulful work is BLISSFUL. It’s also healing, empowering, fulfilling…. 

We're all here to do the work that’s aligned with our bliss. 

I help mindful women expedite  the growth of their dream brand by implementing mindful practices and strategies with the intention to make the “process”  of growing a brand feel aligned & BLISSFUL.

I believe you’re meant to radiate and keep your spark in all steps of your brand journey. 

In the end of the day, (person)al comes before brand. and that’s you! 

I also believe that no matter who you are or what you do, we’re all meant to find success doing what we love!

Bliss to me, means to live in a state of Joy.

That’s the #1 reason why I built my brand. (Previously known as Radiate Healthy Living.) I was 15 when my brand started as a non-profit project. I had just lost one of my soulmates, my grandma, to cancer.  I was in a place in my life where I felt sad, frustrated and hopeless. I was questioning my existence, when I ran into a quote “Take something positive out of the negative and and make it bloom”. I realized life is short and unpredictable and if we want to do something the time is always now! I created a brand with the intention to help people radiate and live more vibrant lives. My mission is still the same, although it's taken different forms along the way .

As I grew and changed, my brand did too. From hosting community events in elementary schools, I became a holistic health coach for women & plant based chef , while at the same time studying business and marketing.

I realized  the spark was there for me when I was helping others manifest creative ideas and helping women feel empowered in the process .


I dove completely into growing my brand and invested in  courses, took risky action steps, tried different strategies, got out of my comfort zone multiple times, became a brand manager for a sustainable company and came up with a mindful system that works. Since then, I’ve been helping women create mindful brands that bring them bliss, and now am helping women GROW them too! 


It's about helping women craft a mindful practice and authenticity with strategy to create their own “BLISSFUL FLOW” 


My work has spread internationally as i’ve worked with women from all over the world. One of my most exciting accomplishments being,  having client brands being recognized in one of my favorite magazines. 


.I know solo-penuers journeys can get lonely so creating a space to connect with other like-minded leaders is really important for me.

And aside from it all, i'm a silly human too.  In love with everything mystical and creative! From crystals,  herbal teas, moon celebrations, dancing, poetry, cooking, painting, astrology... I used to take life too seriously at one point and then I realized its better when we let ourselves play.

So cheers to living our BLISS




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