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Hey you, it’s time to take your dreams and goals to the next level! 

Let me give you the strategic steps and support you need to craft and grow a soulful business, create a larger impact & accelerated success

8-Week Group Biz Coaching Program


You are ready to take aligned


to grow your dream biz!

I see you...

Wether you're not sure where to start... You have a vision that's been waiting for action, or a young business that's ready to grow, I want to help you bridge the gap from where you are to where you want to be!

Let's start by knocking out some misconceptions and limiting beliefs, shall we! 

  • You already know what you're here to do, even if you feel like you don't. 

  • You don't need a large audience from the start to get clients.

  • Strategy is better than guessing and hoping. You deserve to have control over your biz.

  • You can make money doing what you love without feeling slimy selling your work.

  • You don't need to spends months building a brand before you grow it into a profiting biz.

  • You don't need to quit your job/school to build your dream biz (it's all about strategic steps that don't take too much time)

  • You don't need to have a list of degrees or certifications to create transformational work that's recognized

Live Your Bliss is a 8-week mindful business group coaching experience. You will tap into your potential as a leader, gain clarity on your unique gifts and message and implement advance strategic tools and systems that will accelerate your business growth and your growth as a leader! The main intention is to offer you actionable steps that are result driven, will save you time & money  and will help you have a running business with paying clients/ customers, so you can inspire the world doing what you love most.  

You Will Learn

During our 2 months together 

Exactly how to:

Gain clarity on your unique message, authentic gifts & ideal customers 

Understand and gain confidence on the message you want to share, establish a solid foundation for your business that will support your growth and create high converting offers that you feel passionate about and bring transformation.  


Strategically put together irresistible Offers and strategize a Landing Page that speaks your truth and converts leads into clients 


Attract your Dream Clients & Customers <on Autopilot> and implement a system to build an email list 

so you can constantly generate new leads and connect with more potential clients/customers. 


Make money gaining control on your biz so that you can call the shots on the different ways you’ll bring in income instead of having to hope  and guess how much you’ll make. 

You will get exclusive high value  workshop sessions with expert guests with Q&A time! 

Implement a Success Mindset  so that you can

Expedite your growth and get over your limiting beliefs. 

Streamline your Biz so that it works for YOU!

Implement and design your authentic funnel with proven easy to use tech tools and systems so that you work smarter, not harder!


Pitch yourself and your brand & land strategic collaborations 

so that you can get in front of larger audiences, get more clients, show up as a leader and grow your online social presence. 


Design an Aligned Action plan, marketing and content calendar

With implemented templates, calculators and systems that will allow you to stay on track, measure results and support the growth of your business. 

Grow your online presence 

So you can inspire more people and grow your biz to the scale it deserves!

+Get invaluable templates, scripts, calculators, worksheets, tools and strategic systems to optimize your biz pronto! 

the program is now full. Get on the waiting list!

Clients experiences with alana's programs:

Brielle, Founder of Simply Soulful

"I have loved having the opportunity to work with Alana. She has helped me grow as a person as well as helped me grow my business. She’s been incredibly supportive and has helped me tremendously with one on one calls giving me individualized attention to help me develop my future business ideas. I truly recommend working with Alana, whether you don’t know what you want your business to be or are already are on your journey developing your business.She gives a perspective, input, and care not many coaches out there do."

Allie, Founder of Moddow

...Since joining the program I’ve been able to achieve goals I’ve always wanted to accomplish but never set forth. With Alana’s help I took the first step towards building my brand, after that everything started to fall into place. It feels so satisfying to turn your creative ideas into creative actions. It’s liberating, anything is possible. . My favorite part of the program was definitely connecting with so many like minded individuals. It was the group of girls I had always envisioned myself surrounded by. The support and encouragement to turn our dreams into reality is endless through this lovely group of ladies. That’s what’s cool about this program, it’s a way to network...

Zoe, Founder of SunshineSoulz

 ...I came into the Program with little to no groundwork for my business. I simply had a vague idea as to what I wanted to get out of the program. In the end I honestly got more than I ever could have imagined. Through Alana’s program I witnessed first-hand how powerful it is to be working with a group of likeminded women who are on the same journey towards embracing their authentic selves and growing their own brand. I have learned the vast impact tuning and honing in on your intuition can play a huge role in how to approach pursuing your passion. I received a step by step visual as to how I needed to approach building my business in the most efficient way possible, in addition to doing so at a pace that felt right for me....

Words from your coach 

Hey, I know what it’s like not knowing where to even start or what  next steps you should take! 


You have a vision but it feels like something is missing, you're not sure how to make the whole business thing happen... I've been there!!


You hear about all theses things you need for a successful business to grow and you keep procastinating taking action, because frankly -- It just feels overwhelming. 


All of a sudden you feel stuck as to how to grow OR how to get clients/customers without being pushy and desperate. You're not alone! 


I’ve ALSO been on the other side of things. When I created the strategy to gain momentum, I became stuck with 40 people on my waiting list wanting to work with me but with NO time to take in new clients because I had built a poor foundation and a glass ceiling. Not fun either.

So i’ve gone on a mission to master combining strategy and mindful practice into a system that helps soulful leaders  grow a sustainable business without taking us out of the BLISS state. We deserve to live in,i've found success in it and so have my clients and i’m so excited to share the step by step guide with you!


I’ve helped clients across the world successfully create and launch their dream brands brands. Along the way, i’ve been recognized in multiple features on magazines, articles and podcasts andhave even been able to pitch my clients into magazines as well! 


I serve in my work by that quote  "empowered women, empower each other" , I go the extra mile to help my clients get their BIZ DREAM out there! Like that one time I got 6 of my clients featured in a magazine.


Solo-prenuers journeys can get lonely, but it doesn't have to be. This is not only a space to grow but also connect with other like-minded leaders! I've seen some of the most beauitful friendships and businesses flourish in my programs!

- Alana 

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