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"Working with Alana brought me to a place I only dreamed to be possible. She taught me that all the love I felt within myself was able to come out, if I just let it. I was the only one stopping myself! Each time we got on a call it felt like I was realigning to my true self, to my true purpose. This kind of centering feels so needed in today’s world, it’s so easy to get caught up in lower energies especially through social media. Alana portrays how social media can be used in such a gentle yet powerful way to spread positivity and dreams. All we have to do is choose to become the light that we know we are. Since joining the program I’ve been able to achieve goals I’ve always wanted to accomplish but never set forth. With Alana’s help I took the first step towards building my brand, after that everything started to fall into place. It feels so satisfying to turn your creative ideas into creative actions. It’s liberating, anything is possible. My favorite part of the program was definitely connecting with so many like minded individuals. It was the group of girls I had always envisioned myself surrounded by. The support and encouragement to turn our dreams into reality is endless through this lovely group of ladies. That’s what’s cool about this program, it’s a way to network. Just because we finished doesn’t mean it’s over. The door has just opened, we’re all blooming in ideas of how to collaborate and incorporate our blogs, websites and businesses together. Girl. Power. I recommended Alana’s program to anyone who’s felt a mental block in accomplishing their dreams. This is the place to learn how to remove the block. Working with these ladies is a dream."

Allie Frank , Founder of MODDOW

"I am eternally grateful to have been able to be a part of such a strong and inspirational group of young women. From my first phone call with Alana I knew that this group would only be the beginning of our journey together. I came into the Program with little to no groundwork for my business. I simply had a vague idea as to what I wanted to get out of the program. In the end I honestly got more than I ever could have imagined. Through Alana’s program I witnessed first-hand how powerful it is to be working with a group of likeminded women who are on the same journey towards embracing their authentic selves and growing their own brand. I have learned the vast impact tuning and honing in on your intuition can play a huge role in how to approach pursuing your passion. I received a step by step visual as to how I needed to approach building my business in the most efficient way possible, in addition to doing so at a pace that felt right for me. The group calls each week acted as such a great way to bring everyone closer together and really cultivate that one on one connection with one another. I felt that we were all in this journey towards self-discovery together, and we weren’t merely just individuals taking the class without ever conversing with one another. Not only does Alana do an amazing job with constructing such a safe and sacred space for you to share your ideas and your work, but she is also always growing and evolving herself! To witness her growth alongside my own over the past 5 weeks was truly inspiring and emulated the beauty of the human experience: to be constantly changing and evolving with the flow of life. I took so much out of this program and I cannot wait to see how many other young women Alana will go on to have a positive impact on! If you are looking to finally manifest your dreams into a reality, this course is for you!!.

- Zoe Wong, Founder of Soulshinesoulz

"I have loved having the opportunity to work with Alana. She has helped me grow as a person as well as helped me grow my business. She’s been incredibly supportive and has helped me tremendously with one on one calls giving me individualized attention to help me develop my future business ideas. I truly recommend working with Alana, whether you don’t know what you want your business to be or are already are on your journey developing your business.She gives a perspective, input, and care not many coaches out there do."

- Brielle , Founder of Simply Soulful

"Working with Alana and her program has had such a magical impact on my journey. Her, and the group of girls I’ve had the pleasure of working with, have offered me so much support, love and inspiration in every step of the program. This process highlights the importance of alignment and listening to your mind, body and soul. Being able to collaborate with these Radiating Babes has helped me in ways I could have never imagined. I feel confident to be myself. I feel courageous in following my dreams. I feel eternally grateful to be able to connect with such bright and beautiful souls. My creativity and happiness have been expanding in ways i never thought possible.It is truly all thanks to these elegant, exceptional and empowering woman. They remind me on a daily basis to tap into my own light, and share it with the world. Connecting with myself and these girls was the first step, the rest seemed to fall in place as i nurtured my heart and my health. Alana’s work is so inspiring, important and healing. I am so grateful for the freedom this platform gave us to be ourselves and follow our dreams. "

- Rachael,  Founder of Surrender Sweet Soul

"A few weeks ago, I booked a 1-1 Coaching call with Alana. 

I was looking to clarify some very particular details about my spiritual business, and it was clear that I needed a professional perspective. As a holistic therapist, I often find myself trying to make alternative therapy financially and virtually accesible to everyone. Integrating that into my practice was my goal when I reached out to her.

Alana was highly perceptive and effective in respecting my vision and also finding mind-blowing creative solutions for my business. The value you get on the call is unreal.

It was an involved, solution-focused, inspiration-inducing, all hands/ brains/ and hearts on deck, kind of call.

Would recommend wholeheartedly, over and over again."

- Carmen Mollet, Energy psychologist, tarot reader, healer, speaker and coach.

"Working with Alana is one of the best decisions I've made. She's hardworking, passionate and good at what she does. She makes everyone feel welcome and comfortable and always holds space for you to grow. I've achieved so much since joining the program. I've been able to identify my limiting beliefs and work through them, gotten clear on what I want and why and improved my health drastically.I've also been connecting with other amazing like minded girls in the program who have taught me so much and made me feel safe. It's been a great community for everyone to share their discoveries and celebrate each other's accomplishments. My favorite part was getting to surround myself with all these empowered women which made the whole experience so magical. This program is perfect for anyone who is tired of procrastinating their dreams and finally want act on what sets their soul on fire as well as developing the optimal health for it."

-Emma Lundstedt, Founder of Divine Soul Travelerl

"Joining Alana's program is such a life changing experience,I have nothing to regret. Before joining the program, I had avariety of interests and I used to think that there must be something worng with me . Alana has helped me see many solutions, and realizethat I don't need to give up anything that I love to do.Her openess and wisdom really helps me connect, and I have been opened too. I'm so glad to have her in my life though we live in different part of the world, different age, different language. Thank you very much for create this magical program!! "

-Pai, Traditional Thai Practicioner

Breakthrough Session Testimonial 


"...From just a moment of talking with Alana I felt as if she dusted off my showcase to reveal what I had to offer to the world. She has such a beautiful soul and genuinely cares for the ones who need a little inspiration along their journey. What I loved the most about my breakthrough session was that Alana made it seem so simple, so clear, and so easily obtainable to bring my dreams into my reality." 


-Summer , Holistic Health & Wellness Coach

"I was really fortunate to be given the opportunity to have a breakthrough session with Alana. Beforehand, I told her that I am struggling with limiting beliefs. So, she prepared for that and gave me a step by step guide on how to break negative beliefs and plant beneficial ones. I felt really inspired and motivated after our call. In addition, she send me many helpful resources and tips, afterwards. You realize that she really wants to support your growth. " 

-Kim Sensener